paul o'brien

Always working to inject a feeling of emotion into even the most everyday objects, Paul has worked on projects which run in themes. Whether he is painting chairs, telephones or people, he enjoys repeating the task. "Working out all the aspects of an object can't be done in one painting, I have to do another and another until I have worked out all the ideas associated with that particular subject."

Collage is another aspect of art which Paul has used right from the start, cutting from magazines and newspapers or printing his own elements. "Mixing collage and paint is something which I keep returning to, I'm drawn to it whenever a different project has ended."

In 2015 Paul undertook the task of drawing a portrait every day for the entire year. The challenge was a learning curve for Paul, who up until that point had worked very little with the human form.

Inspired by the drawing 365 challenge, Paul is now looking to bring portraiture into his paintings and finding ways to abstract the faces without losing the likeness or emotion. 

Welcome to pobism.com. I guess you're wondering why pobism? It is simply a more search friendly term than Paul O'Brien, there are thousands of those. This may seem unusual considering the work that Paul creates. He is so passionate about capturing a sense of nostalgia, not just in the subjects of his paintings, but the quality and simplicity which he sees diminishing in our modern culture.

Paul's work has mostly been focused on painting, working in acrylic and oils. "Painting and drawing are the most direct ways for me to make a personal statement. If I were a sculptor, paint would be the equivalent of clay, opposed to granite or steel. You can just get right on and make it happen."

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