'Distraction' 2016

Distraction is the first of Paul O'Brien's 360 VR experiences.

At a time when VR is taking off in a direction of thrills and gaming, Paul is looking to create a more emotive experience.

Best viewed on a headset such as Google Cardboard, 'Distraction' brings the viewer to a standstill, caught between the past an the future. A stream of endless possibilities flow around you. Like an alternative view of your current situation, an emotional road map.

Animation and music: Paul O'Brien

'Rapunzel 091 12001' 2013

This stop frame animation shows 'Rapunzel 091 12001' being created by taking photographs at key moments in the painting process.

'Ghosts' 2012

A timelapse animation filmed during the setting up of Paul's 2012 solo exhibition at The St Julians Gallery Sevenoaks.


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